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Grid-Enabled Tools

About GET :

A suite of tools for annotation extraction and sequence analysis. The system allows batch submission and processing. Users are able to submit jobs to our computing resources via a web interface.

Grid Enabled Tools for annotation extraction allow users to:

    1. perform sequence similarity searches against curated databases such as RefSeq, Swissprot, Pfam and Gene ontology.
    2. obtain the annotation obtained from the results description in an excel spreadsheet output.

Grid Enabled Tools for sequence analysis using EMBOSS allow users to perform several sequence analysis options on a batch of sequences submitted.

Grid Enabled Tools for Multiple Sequence Alignment allow users to align multiple sequences for comparison and select further analysis options of predicting secondary structure and finding domains for those conserved regions.

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Singapore Mirrored Tools
Database Searching
  • Sequence Retrieval System
  • SingBLAST
  • UCSC Genome Browser
  • Cat Crawler
    Sequence Analysis
  • ClustalW 
  • InterProScan
  • Sequence Manipulation Suite
  • Wisconsin Package (SeqWeb)
    Upcoming Events
  • 30 to 31 May Bioinformatics Workshop
  • Life Sciences Database Directory Service System updated
  • InterProScan added
  • Singapore Human Mutation and Polymorphism Database added

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